Boat Docks & Boat Houses

Our custom boat docks & boat houses designs are choosing both practical and unique, designed to accommodate our client's specific needs. One of the important aspects of marine dock construction is the proper installation of the pilings. Prior to any structure construction, a site visit is necessary to assess all relevant factors that affect piling installation. Willis Custom Docks LLC uses the proper equipment to set your pilings correctly with either a hydraulic compactor or hydraulic earth auger driving technique to ensure proper embedment. We offer many deck top material choices including: wood, composite, synthetic & aluminum decking. We carry material/color samples to help you choose a product that will both meet your needs & budget!


Bulkheads (seawalls) should not only protect your property & dock, but also be pleasing to the eye. Your bulkhead is an important property component that should be inspected as soon as possible if you see any changes in the landscaping such as sink holes or loss of soil causing uneven ground. Whether you need a new bulkhead construction, repair, reinforcement or replacement; we offer various bulkhead types such as: wood (most common), vinyl & steel sheet pilings, or concrete bulkheads.

Boat Lifts

From PWC (personal water craft) to yacht lifts, Willis Custom Docks LLC will install the proper lift for your vessel. Based on your specific boat model, we can determine the necessary lift specifications and tailor the lift to accommodate your boat with ease.

We also offer both boat lift service & repair. It is recommended to service your lift at least once a year to assure it is in proper working order for your next use. Our boat lift service includes: greasing the entire system, checking for wear on all lift components and the operation of the lift. Visual inspection of the cables should be performed during each use.


Aside from being based along waterways, we have quite a portfolio for other outdoor structures that we have built. Please check out our Gallery for photos of completed projects including: patio decks, tree houses, pergolas, etc.

Let your imagination & our craftsmanship bring your ideas to reality.


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